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Facebook Graph Search leaves little privacy and no opting out

Facebook Graph Search leaves little privacy and no opting out Although Facebook’s Graph Search isn’t available to most users yet, once it rolls out more broadly, there won’t be any escaping it. That’s because, as Quartz points out, Facebook removed the capability to opt out of searches last month, before it announced the new feature. Sam Lessin, a Facebook product manager, confirmed the change to The New York Times in December, saying that only “a single-digit percentage of users” had opted out when the choice was available. (Of course, with 1 billion users, that still translates to at least...

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iPhone will soon support Adobe Flash

iPhone will soon support Adobe Flash Apple will introduce built-in support for Adobe Flash on the iPhone in the “next couple of months”, according to a leading technology pundit. The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg believes support for Adobe’s ubiquitous online standard will be introduced into the iPhone in the form of a future software update. He writes: “Apple says it plans to add [an Adobe Flash] plug-in through an early software update, which I am guessing will occur within the next couple of months.” The nature of Apple’s improvements to both the iPhone and the AppleTV in recent...

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Wireless USB 2.0 planned

Wireless USB 2.0 planned Intel will reveal a plan to support a USB-based 480Mbps wireless connectivity technology at the Intel Developer Forum next week. The wireless USB development is a multi-company initiative. Supporters include Dolby Labs and others already supporting USB 2.0. Apple recently adopted USB 2.0 in its pro desktop Power Macs, and has offered USB in its products since the original iMac was released. The EE Times reports: “The wireless USB initiative and the Intel chip will be based on the multiband OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) technology backed by an industry alliance that includes Intel.” The...

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Jonathan Blow's "the Witness" Will Support Valve VR | The Witness

Jonathan Blow’s “the Witness” Will Support Valve VR | The Witness The Witness developer endorses Valve’s new VR system. Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid and the upcoming game The Witness, announced today that his game would support Valve’s announced virtual reality system, as well as other VR devices.  Valve’s system, announced earlier this month at Steam Dev Days. According to Lee Vermeulen, who got a chance to try out the system, it’s a step up from the current VR frontrunner Occulus Rift;  The resolution difference is massive, I couldn’t detect any visible latency, but most importantly the head position tracking...

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