Within the Battleground 1 Beta, there’s just the Sinai Desert map and 2 game modes. The Sinai Desert Conquest might just be a mad scramble where gamers take bases for his or her team’s score. However, the bases really possess some unique weapons. Here’s how to locate such weapons within the Sinai Desert Conquest within the Battleground 1 Beta.


This weapon are available in a single weapon crate within the Borders base (Objective Butters). It’s marked having a flame icon if it is readily available for pickup. Since it’s name indicates, gamers may use it to lose their enemies to dying and then leave flames on the floor to help keep enemies out. However, their class loadout is going to be altered to some Pyro which has only the napalm grenade and also the unique weapon. The category also offers slight penalties. The gas mask blocks peripheral vision, and movement speed is reduced even if sprints. Mostly, the Ottoman Empire team may get access to this weapon his or her beginning is made of near to Objective Butters.

Gatling Gun

As opposed to the Flamethrower, the British team also offers a distinctive weapon advantage within the Ammunition Base (Objective Freddy). The Gatling Gun has numerous ammunition and may shred enemy infantry using its continuous shots. Furthermore, it offers a superior armor making you slightly tougher when taking enemy fire. Like the Flamethrower class, your movement speed can also be impaired, and so do an automobile prepared to get at another bases rapidly.

Anti-Tank Rifle

Lastly, the far south Desert Outpost base (Objective Edward) supports the Anti-Tank Rifle crate. The Anti-Tank Rifle can certainly kill enemy infantry with one clean hit, that makes it a good weapon for snipers. Furthermore, this Battleground 1 unique weapon includes a Bipod, which will help the gamer take steady shots. The rifle’s vehicle damage is frequently underused because of the distance of Objective Edward in the team fights happening in Sinai Desert.

Despite the effectiveness of these weapons, they’re frequently hard to rely on. Once lost, the weapons come with an unspecified quantity of restock time. Awaiting these weapons to spawn isn’t optimal as the team will begin to lose bases along the way. For the time being though, look out of these weapons and try to place them to make use of within the Battleground 1 Beta.