A brand new voice-over pops up each time Jungle monsters are slain within the League of Stories Public Beta Atmosphere server. Riot Games has formerly used voiceovers to tease new League of Stories champions. Will the approaching hero be considered a jungle-focused champion?

“Friend from the Jungle”

As observed in the recording from SkinSpotlights, newer and more effective voice line is heard any time you go ahead and take Kroggs, Gromp, or blue Golem within the Jungle. It sounds somewhat old man who’s keen on the Jungle animals. It’s entirely possible that this new League of Stories champion may have the ability to tame the Jungle monsters hanging around.

Speculated Appearance


Some gamers around the League of Stories Reddit found a picture of champion splash art which could be the new League of Stories champion. However, fans continue to be doubtful even when the illustration matches the “old man hermit” voice. Furthermore, the illustration looks awfully like the Classic Talon skin splash art. All fans know for the time being would be that the approaching character is really a friendly-sounding old man.

Old Tease Trick

Disembodied voices speaking within the Summoner’s Rift isn’t exactly a different way for Riot Games to show their new additions. Formerly, Tahm Kench was teased via a disembodied laugh that follows champion laughs around the river. The brand new disembodied voice which will come up after Jungle monsters are wiped out may imply that the brand new League of Stories champion communicates using the Jungle creeps too.

Meanwhile, the most recent champion, Kled the Cantankerous Cavalier, was launched last August 8. Riot Games favors stability over new additions within the approaching League of Stories World Titles 2016 on September 29. Kled may reach Mobile phone industry’s, however this teased new League of Stories champion may skip it because of insufficient official updates. For the time being, gamers can expect this new champion to be implemented hanging around. However, it’s likely they won’t see him until following the League of Stories World Titles 2016.