Activision’s Cod Black Ops 3 can get another group of maps via a DLC soon. Because the Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC’s release date draws near, Activision has launched a brand new trailer showcasing the approaching maps. The DLC will require gamers in four new maps if this launches first around the PS4 this Sept. 6.


Outlaw will require gamers to that old Wild West. The map is filled with many different structures that may give a good cover and hideout. Things might get intense when dealing with the middle because it leaves an enormous open space for firefights. Gamers who wish to enter into a showdown at high noon are now able to relive their dreams in Cod.


The following map revealed has commonalities to Overwatch’s new map, Eichenwalde. Citadel features a classic abandoned castle. The large stone blocks can offer a great cover gamers. However they may be a resource of ambush attacks previously mentioned as it takes only one boosted jump to conquer the blocks.


This really is most likely probably the most unique map within the Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC pack, or any one of Call of Duty’s DLCs for instance. This map is placed on the top of the picnic table. In keeping with the map’s name, gamers will always be smaller sized than normal. Everybody is going to be stunted through the food up for grabs that could be utilized in combat.


In line with the trailer, Rupture supplies a good position for snipers to camp in. However, exactly the same area continues to be susceptible to strikes. One part which makes Rupture more interesting than these is the fact that gamers may use an enormous mech to decimate everybody else within the team.