Based on the latest Clash of Clans update, Supercell won’t host ClashCon 2016. The organization stated that rather than hosting the big event, it wants to pay attention to enhancing the whole game. In the official note, Supercell stated that it is now time to pay attention to enhancements and additions that may enhance the Clash of Clans community. By doing this, gamers from everywhere can savor the changes.

The most recent Clash of Clans update may come as a disappointment for many gamers. However, for other people, this news may come as a warranty the developer is focusing on the alterations and enhancements they would like to see hanging around.

Gamers happen to be demanding numerous balancing changes and enhancements in Clash of Clans. Supercell has confirmed that it’ll to produce Clash of Clans update and produce such changes. However, the developer hasn’t confirmed its specific release date. The organization will probably bring the update this month. More changes and enhancements are anticipated to reach this season and beyond.

Last year’s ClashCon would be a success for the organization. This season, the thrill among fans reaches its peak as the organization introduced another game, Clash Royale. The big event provides them the opportunity to meet prominent people from the community as well as enables gamers to discover much more about the sport and also the company’s plans.

Since the organization won’t host ClashCon 2016, it indicates for fans to be careful for additional occasions. The organization stated that it’ll attempt to host some occasions for gamers all over the world. Fans think that the alterations they would like to see in Clash of Clans is going to be addressed through the approaching update. The developer is focusing more about getting enhanced game play experience instead of spending some time with an event which could simply be loved with a limited number of individuals.