Lately, the Battleground 1 fans could get hold of leaked screenshots from the game’s approaching multi-player maps. Areas like forests, metropolitan areas or even a possible naval fight map show up in the sport. Here’s what we should know to date concerning the approaching Battleground 1 maps.

Leaked Maps


As located on 1033149’s thread around the Battleground 1 Reddit, screenshots from the game’s maps were put together in a single image. Ten maps were leaked, and they might be one of the full game’s multi-player maps. Presently, only Sinai Desert is playable within the Battleground 1 Beta, so these maps would very renew the multi-player game on its release.

Historic Battles

It’s entirely possible that these maps derive from decisive or historic battles of World War 1. For instance, Amiens is dependant on the 3rd Fight of Picardy that marked the beginning of the Allied forces victory streak. Despite Battleground 1’s less concentrate on historic precision, the sport can always use exciting details about World War 1 and base onto it for his or her map.

Map Gimmicks

Additionally to slight historic precision, Battleground 1 maps can also be created to let gamers benefit from the game instead of come with an accurate feel of World War 1 warfare. Fans are looking forward to the forest maps because the levolution system hanging around may permit them to burn trees for their advantage. Furthermore, Empire’s Edge appears like an automobile-heavy map which might help gamers get evenly proficient with planes and perhaps motorboats.

To date, the Battleground 1 Beta doesn’t appear to pay for all the approaching options that come with its multi-player. In Sinai Desert, gamers don’t have any opportunity to make use of the large airships to siege their opponents because of the Behemoth get trained in the map. Ocean automobiles weren’t proven because the Sinai Desert map didn’t have lake near it to possess battleships or motorboats moving about.

Gamers cans still love this particular AAA World War 1 shooter beta until September 8. It may be better to catch any game play with an early feel from the game before it will get formally launched.