Subnautica will get a re-charge! Subnautica

A completely new update for Subnautica that will place you to sleep. In a great way.

More survival techniques are now being put in Subnautica now, this time around by means of sleeping and charging batteries.

The update have a charger, an electrical cell charger, along with a luxurious bed to relaxation your weary mind (having a sweet animation to choose it). It is a necessary – and anticipated – update that many if gamers happen to be searching toward.

Lots of sources is going to be saved consequently, and traveling will receive a bit faster now, but there a couple of other activities being put into balance it. For instance, a completely new animal known as the “Ocean-Treader” is going to be stalking the sea floor in the future. These strange animals aren’t aggressive and can drop basalt rocks or poop out manure for more energy.

For energy… Obviously it’s…

The update includes new solar sections – which look rather spiffy – along with a new ‘gas-torpedo’ which could wreak some damage to the ocean-existence.

By now there’s still a great deal that may be put into make Subnautica an excellent game, but Unknown Mobile phone industry’s Entertainment – the designers of Subnautica – are really diving as deep as they possibly can to provide us exactly that.