Apple fixes QuickTime 7 security hole

Apple has launched an update to QuickTime 7 that fixes a burglar hole.

Apple states the QuickTime 7..1 update fixes a burglar issue in which a QuickTime Movie that contains a maliciously crafted Quarta movement Composer object could leak data for an arbitrary web location.

“Quarta movement Composer objects could be covered with a QuickTime track and shipped like a QuickTime movie. With QuickTime 7., a Quarta movement Composer object can gather local data and send it utilizing an encoded Hyperlink to a random web location. The QuickTime 7..1 update modifies the QuickTime Quarta movement Composer WordPress plugin to avoid use of remote web locations,” Apple describes.

Apple has additionally enhanced compatibility with Final Cut Studio within this update and glued numerous bugs.

Macworld tells QuickTime Pro 6 customers to not install QuickTime 7 unless of course they would like to purchase another key.