Day: August 29, 2016

Subnautica will get a re-charge! Subnautica

Subnautica will get a re-charge! Subnautica A completely new update for Subnautica that will place you to sleep. In a great way. More survival techniques are now being put in Subnautica now, this time around by means of sleeping and charging batteries. The update have a charger, an electrical cell charger, along with a luxurious bed to relaxation your weary mind (having a sweet animation to choose it). It is a necessary – and anticipated – update that many if gamers happen to be searching toward. Lots of sources is going to be saved consequently, and traveling will receive...

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Apple fixes QuickTime 7 security hole

Apple fixes QuickTime 7 security hole Apple has launched an update to QuickTime 7 that fixes a burglar hole. Apple states the QuickTime 7..1 update fixes a burglar issue in which a QuickTime Movie that contains a maliciously crafted Quarta movement Composer object could leak data for an arbitrary web location. “Quarta movement Composer objects could be covered with a QuickTime track and shipped like a QuickTime movie. With QuickTime 7., a Quarta movement Composer object can gather local data and send it utilizing an encoded Hyperlink to a random web location. The QuickTime 7..1 update modifies the QuickTime...

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