Anonymous Member Behind Today’s PSN Web sites Attack, states “Xbox is Next”, Shares Evidence of PSN Hack

Which hacker group is behind today’s Ps Network Web sites Attack?

Initially, it had been thought to be the job of “LizardSquad”, however it appears just like a new offender has walked up and stated credit for that attack.

PSN Hacked By Anonymous

This new guys is “FAME” having a Twitter handle “@FamedGod”, as reported by the particulars we caused by a lot of our visitors, he is part of Anonymous Group, the online hackers behind famous “2011 PSN Outage”.

Like a proof, FAMEGod has revealed the IPs addresses of Lizard Squad people. Have a look some important tweets from FameGod below:

“How come someone take credit of the work? LizardSquad couldnt hurt a fly. Decrypting a memory dump and locating the server was my work.”

“Everybody Retweet this so everybody is aware of which i provided the proof.”

“People think a skid group known as “Lizard Squad” really did something… lol. It had been difficult to find your primary group IP either.″

FameGod further revealed the explanation for why he compromised Ps Network with Web sites attack today. He mentioned he desired to educate The new sony a lesson.

“Learn and hire people for security you cheap a** company,” he stated.

If The new sony desired to they might easily Employ a team to watch servers and filter Web sites attacks. Everybody high a mighty to invest money. #RIP.

Lastly, FameGod claims that Xbox is his next Hacking Project under codename “Project Micro” and added:

See atleast Xbox and Microsoft are wise and dont work on one datacenter. The new sony your f**king aids.