Microsoft updates Bing for mobile browsers

Microsoft on Wednesday folded out some updates to the Bing for Mobile browser service including real-time public transit updates for select metropolitan areas and also the inclusion of apps in results when searching for the iPhone.

The majority of the updates are for sale to iPhone and Android customers, although not Microsoft’s own Home windows Phone 7 clients. That is because the help are made using HTML 5, which Home windows Phone 7 does not yet support. The organization has guaranteed an update later this season which will have an HTML 5 browser for Home windows Phone 7 products.

Included in the Bing update, customers visiting can click directions as well as on public transit icon to be able to see how to get public transit or any other public transit for their destination. Additionally, customers will have the ability to click the bus route legitimate-time particulars about whenever a bus will arrive.

The actual-time information is readily available for Boston, Bay Area, San antonio, Chicago and La.

Microsoft already offers directions for implementing public transit in the Bing application for iPhone, however that feature wasn’t obtainable in the browser version.

Google Maps around the iPhone shows transit routes, although not always real-time details about buses.

When utilizing Bing to look, iPhone customers will get recent results for relevant iPhone apps additionally towards the normal search engine results. “A great method to serendipitously uncover new apps,” Andy Chu, director of product management for Bing for Mobile, authored inside a blog publish concerning the updates.

Microsoft also made Image Search faster and smoother and re-organized the shopping feature within the Bing mobile browser application, he stated. When looking for movies, customers will discover the results organized by some time and nearest theater, additionally to reviews, trailers along with other information.

Additionally, he stated that whenever customers start typing a town name in to the weather search bar, the elements for your city can look even prior to being finished typing the name.

Chu authored the updates were released today, but they don’t seem to be available yet everywhere.