XCOM 2 to Infiltrate Computers This November

A week ago, 2K games teased viewers having a cryptic trailer and website for AdventFuture.org, which promotes a utopian government known as the arrival Administration. It apparently accomplishes a condition of peace and success through genetic enhancements. However, online hackers start changing text and pictures online to show Advents’ true nature.

This will be our first glimpse into XCOM 2, that is formally introduced today via IGN, and also the future looks bleak. In follow up towards the 2012 tactical strategy hit, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, aliens are in charge of Earth and XCOM is definitely an subterranean rebellion subverting their hang on the people. Gamers will need to employ guerilla tactics against a technologically superior army to be able to turn the tables around the hidden threat.

Also, inside a surprise reveal, XCOM 2 is delivering this November like a PC exclusive. More particulars is going to be revealed throughout the coming days and also at E3.