The Logic behind live music

Macs remain necessary to the arsenal of gigging music artists, the most recent Apple profile report verifies.

The organization today printed a brief interview with Get Cape. Put on Cape. Fly – happens name of 21-year-old singer/songwriter Mike Duckworth.

Duckworth discusses his music and stresses the part Apple’s professional music-making application, Logic, plays in the work.

“Logic is quick, simple and easy , immediate”, he states. “The song can grow throughout my initial framework. It isn’t like some programs in which you hit a wall of limitation, the items I’m able to do are endless,” Duckworth describes for that report.

The music performer also praises Macs for stability, and it is interested in Logic’s built-in virtual instruments – which effectively allow him to tote a Hammond organ with him between gigs – in the backpack.

Read the entire report online here.