Capcom: No Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City beta

The 2009 week it had been reported that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City beta will start in early a part of 2012. Sorry all Raccoon City fans, individuals beta particulars has switched to be rumor.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City logo

Capcom has published the next message on Capcom-Unity blog today:

“There’s been some attention now stating Capcom will operate a public beta and to produce demo because of its approaching title Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Regrettably it was as a result of website misreporting that which was stated throughout an interview.”

However Capcom also mentioned that fans can get lots of possibilities for fans to experience the sport before it releases on March 20 in The United States and March 23 in Europe.

But no particulars was revealed in regards to what exactly these possibilities is going to be.