Odallus: The Dark Call aims for that Wii U Odallus: The Dark Call

NES and SNES style games, like Odallus: The Dark Call, apply for the Wii U stage.

NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System) style games take most gamers to the the past. These style games are earning a comeback through arcade and emulator systems. Some gaming information mill even creating a push to possess them set up around the Wii U. One particular company, JoyMasher, is raising funds to complete exactly that with Odallus: The Dark Call.

With the fundraiser site Indiegogo.com, JoyMasher is raising funds to create Odallus: The Dark Call, their action rpg platform, towards the Wii U. There is a goal group of $5,000 and to date, they’ve received $3,506 (by time of the publish) of this goal. The fundraising event has 39 days left, so it’s probable that because they are midway for their goal, that they’ll allow it to be. It’s a flexible funded campaign meaning they’ll get all of their promises no matter reaching their goal.

JoyMasher claims that they’ll invest promises towards Odallus and it is development. They estimate a release date of the center of 2014. If you are looking at this campaign and also the game Odallus: The Dark Call, you’ll find it on Indiegogo.com.