The Macalope: Misfit toys

Writing for that Motley Fool, Mike Mattera warns “Apple and Samsung Might Be Dethroned by Asus’ Radical New Device” (tip o’ the antlers to Paul Baptist).

“Warns” is most likely the wrong word. This really is a lot more like some kind of interpretive dance that nobody really is aware of.

With regards to the U.S. smartphone market, it’s mainly a 2-horse race. Cumulatively, Apple and Samsung sell two from every three smartphones …

Apple, obviously, sells greater than 50 % from the smartphones within the U.S., and therefore Samsung’s share should be about 15 %. So, certainly one of individuals horses is Secretariat and yet another the first is Mr. Erectile dysfunction.

However that could change the coming year, when Asus brings its PadFone towards the U . s . States.

Besides this being an apple iphone killer, but it is a Universe killer. Should be some type of space- and time-bending phone. What could its mystical forces be?!

The unit, operated by Google’s Android, is especially revolutionary …

Instead of individuals phones which are just “meh” revolutionary.

… and can disrupt the mobile market.

Ugh, OK, the Macalope apologizes for dragging you thru this absurd build-up, however it needs to be read to become believed.

… Asus’ PadFone may be the ultimate phablet: Purchasers get both a tablet and smartphone, but no trade-offs that traditional phablets entail.

How’s this dark magic accomplished?! Inform Us!

… it’s one appealing factor over its competitors …


… an exclusive pier.

OMG Everyone Loves DOCKS!

The PadFone Infinity has a 10.1-inch touchscreen pier. By placing the telephone in to the pier, proprietors can modify their 5-inch smartphone right into a 10.1-inch Android tablet. Remove it from the pier, and you are to a typical smartphone.

Congratulations, Mrs. Asus. You’ve created a freak of nature.

Purchasers from the PadFone Infinity are essentially getting two products in a single. Rather than purchasing Samsung’s Universe S4 along with a Universe Note 10.1 or Apple’s iPhone 5s and full-size iPad, consumers can easily get Asus’ PadFone.


Prices for that PadFone within the U.S. hasn’t yet been introduced …

But let us just assume it will be super-awesome.

Furthermore, when the PadFone concept catches on …

Each year someone originates the doorway of hybrid products and predicts they’ll lay waste towards the established order. In some way, however, they always wither around the vine, most likely simply because they always suck at both things they are attempting to hybridize. Another factor Mattera does not appear to understand is the fact that phablets just aren’t that popular within the U.S. They are really popular in Korea, partially because most of them are created by hometown favorite Samsung.

The Macalope does not prefer to prognosticate, because technologies are a continuously altering atmosphere and it is difficult to observe how the pieces will relocate future years, but allow him to be obvious relating to this one factor: phones that pier into capsules won’t ever become popular. Period.