Future trailer breaks lower additional features in front of April patch

Protector, you are able to destroy the Prison of Elders. Bungie has predicted this. It’s your Future… April patch, that’s!

Around the eve from the lengthy-anticipated patch for Future: The Taken King, Bungie come up with a relevant video preview spelling out all of the additional features, gear, along with other miscellanea you need to anticipate.

“We hear the community’s demand new content,” states Ryan Paradis, lead designer onFuture trailer breaks lower capabilities before April patch the Live team at Bungie. “Using the April update, the Live team is happy to have the ability to bring new methods to play and experience Future.”

Stating power because the centerpiece of Future (and then any good gaming, really), Bungie has focused on methods to facilitate you killing everything faster than in the past. The Sunshine level continues to be elevated to 335, and a number of new bounties and reworked Strikes await. When it comes to swag, gamers around the PS4 form of the sport will get exclusive gear, and all sorts of gamers will have the ability to find Chroma equipment that lights up different colors, Taken armor which includes a free emote, and various Exotic and Legendary products being bumped as much as Year Two level.

Other changes include completely new bosses for Prison of Elders along with a scorecard to watch how well you’re progressing and rewards.

Remember, the April update is free of charge to Future: The Taken King.