PS4: DualShock 4 “Batter Low” Notification Appears On Upper Right Side Confirms Screenshot

This is the way Battery Low notification for DualShock 4 seem like. This comes directly from a current video overview of FIFA 14 Ps 4 version.

As reported by the particulars within the screenshot below, battery low notification for DualShock 4 controller can look on the top right hands side corner combined with the user-name and will also be in transparent color slightly.

When multiple DualShock 4 controller can be used, user-name will be among the parameter to create out which controller needs recharging, in addition, there’d be also one indicator i.e lightbar on controller can change when controller needs recharging.

Check out the snapshot below showcasing this Battery Low notification.

Low Battery Notification For DualShock 4 Controller

Source: IGN Video Review via Reddit