Petition to Bring GTA V to PC is Picking Up Steam | Grand Theft Auto

114,000 signatures happen to be put into a petition for Rockstar to a minimum of confirm GTA V for PC

“Exactly what do we would like?Inch

“Grand Thievery Auto 5 on PC!”

“When will we need it?Inch

“Now! Er… Well, I am talking about, as it pertains out. Or perhaps a little after. Or at best confirmation?”

Yes, some GTA fans are sore that Rockstar is keeping so tight lipped about delivering your personal computer form of the approaching Grand Thievery Auto V, and they are serious, dammit.

I am talking about, like, petition serious.

The appeal, published on, has so far received over 114,000 signatures, about 70,000 which were published in six days.

Social action, FTW!

This move came after Rockstar can just give definite confirmation of Ps 3 and Xbox iterations, stating that every other platform was just “in mind.Inch

From Rockstar’s Dan Hauser:

Anything else expires for consideration. That’s all I can provide you with. The primary factor is we’re not… we’re another-party writer. We are not Nintendo, we are not The new sony, we are not Microsoft. We like these diversely. But we are able to do what we should want wherever there is the appropriate business chance and chance to locate a market. If that is on Apple we put something on Apple. Wherever it may be. I believe this is the fun with what we all do. We have seen ourselves like a content company that utilizes technology. We do not allow it to be it’s used by us to help make the most enjoyable stuff.

One one hands, frustration is understandable GTA includes a history of PC and console releases, so obviously, hesitant to announce such within this situation doesn’t bode well.

However, possibly Rockstar has been an accountable game maker (or, a minimum of more responsible than Bethesda), and just attempting to release, or perhaps speak on, something that might not meet their standards.

In either case, I’m able to recognize how frank the Rockstar people are with regards to explaining themselves. They are able to say, essentially, “Hey, that simply does not work with us,” candidly, without beating round the plant, and that is something that’s tricky to find any longer.