Angry Wild birds getting its very own movie Angry Wild birds

Not a chance. Not kidding. It’s finally happening.

Angry Wild birds, a properly-known mobile game about slinging wild birds at obstacles, gets it is extremely own movie.

The animated film follows Red, the red Angry Bird, Chuck, the Yellow Angry Bird, and Explosive device, the black and explosive Angry Bird. Based on the synopsis, the 3 wild birds happen to be outsiders for any lengthy time around the island their current address. Once the eco-friendly pigs arrive around the island, this is when things change.

The Angry Wild birds movie is placed to be released on May 20, 2016. The film will star figures voiced by well-known voice stars for example Josh Gad, who is renowned for his contribution to Frozen because the voice from the huggable snowman, Olaf.

It’s finally happening – the Angry Wild birds franchise has risen excessive it’s finally obtaining a movie, but now you ask , this: Could it be a millionaire or perhaps a huge flop?

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