Capcom discuss Resident Evil 6 on-disc DLC issue

Earlier today modders discovered on-disc DLC content of Resident Evil 6, and today Capcom has released the official statement on all of this development.

Resident Evil 6

Capcom mentioned, “We have unannounced DLC for RE6 that’ll be revealed within the coming several weeks even though almost all such content won’t be around the disc you will see one bit of content, that for technical reasons, requires using a mixture of recently downloaded data and knowledge that’s incorporated around the retail game disc.”

No cost or release date continues to be introduced yet for just about any Resident Evil 6 DLC, but modders have found a brand new No Hope difficulty together with extra costumes, taunts and melee progresses Resident Evil 6 Disc.

Watch the footage of these on-disc Resident Evil 6 DLC HERE.