Gears of War 4 Will not Drop Split-Screen Unlike Halo 5: Parents

Halo hardcore fans were lately surprised as well as disappointed to understand that 343 Industries isn’t supporting split-screen features and modes in Halo 5: Parents. Anyway, this isn’t a sign originating from Microsoft, as other games could keep including such modes featuring later on.

Gears of War 4

One of these simple games is Gears of War 4. Based on a study originating from Snap It Up Magazine, a The Coalition representative has confirmed the following chapter within the exclusive series, arriving 2016, is going to be supporting split-screen as always.

There’s without a doubt, because the exact question was:

“You are not likely to drop splitscreen co-op too, are you currently?Inch

If you are still a split-screen lover, then, there is nothing to bother with: Gears of War 4 could keep running Gears tradition with regards to couch gaming, despite the fact that multi-player modes are now being performed a lot more, in modern occasions, via Xbox Live.