Black Ops 2: PS3 gamers report “freezing, server not available” and other issues (Updated)

It seems like PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is plagued lots of issues and bugs, According to numerous report coming out from official Call of Duty forum.

Black Ops 2

One of the leading issue gamers are confirming is FREEZING. According to reviews, Black Ops 2 is freezing while upgrading, playing in single-player, loading the sport in multi-player and much more. Not really these, freeze concern is reported whilst creating an emblem.

Second concern is not able to hook up with a game title (not really multi-player). Everytime PS3 gamers attempts to connect they’re welcomed having a message “Servers UnavailableInch. One affected gamer reported that he’s not able to experience online despite trying for massive “FOUR” hrs.

In addition, even if your game lobbies are full, gamers are welcomed by having an error message that “More Gamers are necessary to balance teams”.

On each one of these issues Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar stated, “Not everybody comes with an problem with the PS3 freezing,”

“I am a paltry level 10, but haven’t frozen once.”

We’ll update the publish when we obtain to listen to more about this problem either from Treyarch or Activision.

What issues are you currently facing together with your copy of Cod: Black Ops 2 PS3?. Tell us at length about this within the comment section below.


Activision just released a press statement stating, Black Ops 2 team of developers are extremely much conscious of freeze and connectivity issues faced by PS3 gamers, and connect for this is within development. Take a look at HERE just what Activision tweeted.