Sony Santa Monica Cancelled PS4 IP Details Leaked: Futuristic Setting, Strange Creatures, Dinosaurs

We’ve already been informed about the intellectual property in development for a while at Santa Monica Studio, the developer of the God of War series, which has been all of a sudden cancelled by publisher Sony. Today we know something more about this IP and possibly the reasons why it has been cancelled.


According to Twitter account NerdLeaks, the game was going to be set in a futuristic environment, on a strange planet with strange creatures and even dinosaurs.  The title was going to be “very interesting”, and this is why the Twitter account says it’s such a “pity” that it has been removed from PlayStation portfolio.

Based on this description, we can possibly understand why the Santa Monica Studio project was cancelled. With this kind of setting and creatures, it was going to be too similar to Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn, which perhaps was looking better in comparison.

This could be the reason why Sony has decided to let Santa Monica Studio just focus on the next God of War iteration, which is rumored to be revealed at E3 2016. Are they making the right decision, this way? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.