Day: May 14, 2016

Swatting: The Underdressed Gaming Controversy

Swatting: The Underdressed Gaming Controversy Playable female characters and GamerGate are contentious topics in gaming culture, but swatting could potentially become deadly if undressed by parents and the video game industry. Several controversial gaming topics, such as female playable characters and GamerGate, which also involves females in game development and journalism roles, are contentious issues that heated up this year. But a third controversy could potentially become deadly if undressed. A new trend in online multiplayer conduct has gone far beyond actions such as rage quitting. Gamers are now convincing law enforcement such as SWAT to deploy and arrest...

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The Crystal Ball: What We're Looking Forward To In EverQuest Next 

The Crystal Ball: What We’re Looking Forward To In EverQuest Next  Welcome to the Crystal Ball, MMOBomb’s new semi-regular column where we pontificate on what we’d like to see in an upcoming free-to-play MMO or what we’d like to see added to an existing one! Today’s topic is EverQuest Next, Sony Online Entertainment’s next big thing, which John Smedley says will be “the largest sandbox style MMO ever designed” and “unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” Expectations FTW! Skill > Level Contrary to what some might believe, I don’t hate sandbox MMOs. What I “hate,” if anything, about most of...

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Free Mac games posted

Free Mac games posted Freeverse has released eight free network games for Mac OS X. Following an emerging trend, these titles are based on traditional games, such as Chess or Draughts. Games industry insiders have remarked that a growing proportion of games sales are for traditional and puzzle games, as consumers explore alternatives to graphics intensive shoot-em-up and role playing titles. The games offer online play and ranking using Freeverse’s GameSmith opponent-matching service. They also feature Emotidoll technology, which express emotion using Aquafied on-screen figures. Freeverse president Ian Lynch Smith said: “Reception of these games has been phenomenal, with thousands of gamers competing for fun and rank.” The games are built for OS X, but are also compatible with OS 8.6 or later. Updates to introduce Rendezvous support are in development. Available titles on this batch of releases include: 4 In A Row – a race to light up four buttons in a row before an opponent does; 7th Fleet which is similar to battle ships; Draughts, which is based on the traditional board game; and Chess. Also on offer are: Go, which is a complex game of war and strategy; Mancala an African game of stones; Reversi, where players try to defeat opposition forces by reversing their pieces; and Tic Tac Toe. All the new titles are available for free from the Freeverse Web...

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