Day: May 8, 2016

Apple updates video, audio apps

Apple updates video, audio apps Apple has released new software for its video and audio production applications. The company has released Pro Application Support 3.0 for Mac OS X 10.4 (3.2MB), making another version available for Mac OS X 10.3.9 (3MB). The company has also released its Apple Intermediate Codec 1.0.1 (740K). Pro Application Support 3.0, “improves general user interface reliability for Apple’s professional applications. It is recommended for all users of DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Logic Express, Motion and Soundtrack”, Apple states. The Apple Intermediate Codec improves compatibility and reliability for Final Cut Express...

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Apple is ‘rising star’ of the stock market

Apple is ‘rising star’ of the stock market Apple’s share price continues to rise. Last night it closed at $53.50, its highest level since September 28, 2000. September 29, 2000 saw Apple’s stock plummet to $25.75 after Apple issued a profits warning due to lower-than-expected sales. The stock reached its highest ever level on March 22, 2000, topping $72.094. Apple said recently that it expects sales to rise to $2.9 billion by Christmas Day, fuelled by the must-have iPod and the new iMac G5. The outlook could be even better. Al Frank Asset Management president John Buckingham told Bloomberg:...

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Mozilla to add built-in PDF viewer to Firefox

Mozilla to add built-in PDF viewer to Firefox Mozilla is working on a project that will add PDF rendering to Firefox using HTML5 and JavaScript, eliminating the need for users to run Adobe’s own plug-in. The PDF reader may be included in Firefox within three months, said Andreas Gal, a Mozilla researcher who on Wednesday unveiled work the company had done quietly for the last month. If Mozilla follows through on its plans, it would make Firefox the second major browser — after Google’s Chrome — to offer in-browser PDF rendering. But while Chrome relies on an API (application...

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Potter of gold for Amazon

Potter of gold for Amazon Amazon UK yesterday extended its free-shipping offer to orders of £25 and above, from the previous £39. Its parent company,, meanwhile, announced a 37 per cent year-on-year increase in its second-quarter sales. The Harry Potter craze helped propel the company’s US revenues in the quarter, it announced. Amazon US sold 1.4 million copies of J.K. Rowling’s fifth Harry Potter novel, Order of the Phoenix in June. The book has a list price of $29.99 but is sold by Amazon for $17.99, netting the company revenue of around $25 million – over 2 per cent of its sales. To keep its Harry Potter shipping costs down, the company used special packaging that was two-thirds less expensive than the boxes in which it shipped the fourth Harry Potter novel, chief finance officer Tom Szkutak said. Amazon recorded net sales of $1.1 billion in the quarter ending June 30, up from $806 million a year earlier. It made a net loss for the quarter of $43.3 million, down from $93.6 million in 2002. The jump in sales was due to low pricing and free shipping (on orders in the US), measures the company had funded by cutting TV and print advertising spending, it said. Announcing the new free shipping point for the UK, Amazon UK’s managing dircetor Robin Terrell said: “We have been impressed by the...

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Ps 3 Optional System Update 4.65 is live, regional Download Links available

Ps 3 Optional System Update 4.65 is live, regional Download Links available In spite of the mind coming success from the Next Gen Ps 4, The new sony hasn’t forgotten its last gen consoles. They’re maintaining their efforts to create scalping strategies better as time passes. A good example of this is the most recent System Update launched by The new sony for Ps 3. Even though this update is optional, setting it up will improves stability. Ps team through their official twitter account lately tweeted: New PS3 system software 4.65 is really a minor optional update that improves...

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