Day: May 7, 2016

Google Chrome gets malware download protection

Google Chrome gets malware download protection Nine months after first being put into testing, the forthcoming version of Chrome will at last included filtering against inadvertently downloading malware executables, Google has announced. As reported as being on the browser’s long list as long ago as April 2011, the version 17 beta includes the ability to relate known malicious websites detected using the software’s Safe Browsing API, blocking downloads hosted on such domains. The release notes mention only .exe and .msi files as being covered, but the developers offer hope that this will be extended over the course of 2012....

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PDF gurus to host UK Acrobat classes

PDF gurus to host UK Acrobat classes The Acrobat User Forum will host a selection of presentations at forthcoming pro-publishing show, Digital Solutions OnDemand. Day one will see a presentation by Jon Bessant from magazine printer Stephens and George. Bessant will discuss the pre-press features built-into Adobe Acrobat 6, and offer troubleshooting information for people already using PDF in their workflow for how to limit the problems faced in digital publishing. Nottingham University professor David Brailsford will discuss XML on the second day of the show. He will talk about the new technologies created for XML publishing generated by...

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Nokia patents vibrating smart tattoos

Nokia patents vibrating smart tattoos Our bodies may some day become extensions for smartphones and other devices, if a new Nokia patent is any indication. Nokia has patented magnetic material that would alert wearers to incoming calls, Unwired View reports. Users would wear the material on the surface of the skin or enlist a tattoo artist to apply the ferromagnetic ink directly. To set up the tattoo, the applicant must first demagnetise the ink by exposing it to high temperatures. Then, the applicant would pass an external magnet over the image material several times, increasing its sensitivity toward alternating...

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Commemorative Steve Jobs issue wins award

Commemorative Steve Jobs issue wins award A commemorative issue celebrating the life of Steve Jobs has won an award. The D&AD 2012 Yellow Pencil award was given to Bloomberg Businessweek for their issue ‘Steve Jobs 1955-2011’. You can see excepts of the issue here. Apple itself has won D&AD awards in the past. In June 2010 Apple won a ‘Black Pencil’ award for its website. Jonathan Ive was awarded the D&AD President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry back in 2005. Apple’s iPod, iPod mini, and Cinema Display have all won D&AD awards.  The Yellow Pencils are recognised the world...

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