Agarest: Generations of War Releasing on Steam October 3rd | Agarest: Generations of War

Record of Agarest War makes its way to PC under a new name – Agarest: Generations of War.

Record of Agarest War may not have been the first JRPG/SRPG I would have chosen to be ported to Steam, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Renamed Agarest: Generations of War for its PC release, Agarest War brings some interesting strategy and dating sim elements not seen in the genre outside of the odd eroge — but I assure you, this is not an eroge.

The game is scheduled for an October 3rd release, but pre-order holders get a nice discount down to $15.99 (from the standard $19.99) as well as several pieces of DLC for free. The free DLC to pre-order holders are as follows:

  • Upgrade Pack 1
  • Upgrade Pack 2
  • Dull-Things Pack
  • Fallen Angel Pack
  • Magic Fighter Pack
  • Legendary Monster Pack
  • Basic Adventure Pack

With the lower $15.99 price and DLC packs above, pre-ordering doesn’t seem like such a bad idea if you are a bit starved of JRPGs on PC.

One thing to note is that this release does not appear to include Japanese voice overs. The Agarest: Generations of War Steam page lists the game as having only English language options. Whether this will remain true into release is yet to be seen, but if true, it is a disappointing speck on an otherwise pristine bit of good news.