Day: February 25, 2016

Playstation 4 graphics not better than PS3?

Playstation 4 graphics not better than PS3? James Armstrong, Vice President SCEE has said that Playstation 4 may not render graphics better than Playstation 3. In an interview to 3djuegos, Armstrong said he does not think that PS4 will have graphics that are lot better than PS3 currently offered. He further said that Sony’s aim for the next generation console is to make games more accessible that too especially for women. James Armstrong also added that according to him there’s still lot of life left on...

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Google plans worldwide developer day

Google plans worldwide developer day Google hopes to woo more developers to its web services software platform with a 27-hour-long “Developer Day” on 31 May. To spark more interest in its development tools and APIs (application programming interfaces), the company on Wednesday invited developers to attend workshops at Google offices in ten countries. Topics to be covered will include developing location-based services with Google Maps, Google Earth, and SketchUp; creating mash-ups with AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language) and Google Gadgets, and developing with the Google Web Toolkit. The workshops will take place at its headquarters in Mountain...

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