Day: February 14, 2016

Apple posts free iMovie 2 audio-clips

Apple posts free iMovie 2 audio-clips Apple has posted several sets of audio clips for iMovie 2 users. Called “Sounds for your Scenes”, the audio clips were provided by Killersound and SoundDogs. Killersound describes itself as a “music and sound design for new media” specialist. SoundDogs is a sound-effects and royalty free music library. There are eleven music collections, and fourteen collections of sound effects – including weather sounds, doors, over a dozen bells, six animal sounds and even a set of spaceship noises for futuristic iMovie-makers. The music collections include soundtracks for exotic travels, quiet contemplative collections –...

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Why Apple Pay could be the mobile-payment system you’ll actually use

Why Apple Pay could be the mobile-payment system you’ll actually use If you’ve ever bought gas from inside the station, or perhaps some aspirin from a national pharmacy chain, you’ve probably seen those payment terminals with a Touch Here sticker at the top, inviting you to pay by just tapping the terminal with your credit card (instead of swiping). If you saw Tuesday’s video demo of Apple’s new Apple Pay system in action, you probably noticed something very similar. That’s because payments using Near Field Communications (NFC)–the technology behind those swipe-free terminals and now Apple Pay–is nothing new. The...

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3dfx CEO Ballard resigns

3dfx CEO Ballard resigns Graphics chips firm, 3dfx, announced today that its chief executive officer, Gregory Ballard, is to resign at the end of October. The company will launch an immediate search for a successor. “The challenges in this next phase of the company’s growth will be more technical than marketing and strategic, and…3dfx can benefit from the fresh perspective that a new CEO can bring,” Ballard said in a statement. Ballard worked three years at the company, during which 3dfx emerged as a leading provider of graphics accelerator chips, boards and software used in personal computers. The company...

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