Cliff Bleszinski Starts New Studio “Boss Key Productions”, New Title “Blue Streak”, Websites Live Now

Cliff Bleszinski has already announced that he’s back from retirement, and will announce a brand new title he’s developing on July 8 i.e still some hours time is left, but in the meantime some interesting details has been discovered. Cliff is not joining another studio and is starting his own called as “Boss Key Productions”.

Cliff Bleszinski

The official website of the studio is live, and at the bottom of the page carries details such as “Job Inquiries Contact” and a total of three links to new Twitter accounts: “Cliff, Boss Key and Blue Streak”. Is Blue Streak is the name of the title, Cliff is working on?.

Check out the Boss Key’s official logo, it matches with that of T-Shirt Bleszinski was wore recently. Here is some details from Twitter user Superannuation:

“CliffyB incorporated some company called “Boss Key Productions” a few months ago.”

“A website for “Boss Key Productions” teases something “coming soon” and has a recruiting email address on the bottom”

“#ff @bosskey, which CliffyB totally follows and which has the same logo as that “coming soon” site”

“  Oh, the @bosskey site does actually now show the @bluestreak Twitter handle. Guess that isn’t just PM software.”

“Wonder I pushed to an early launch or that site was coincidentally timed to launch around the time I tweeted it.”

Boss Key Production Logo