Month: October 2015

FIFA 13 and Madden 13 to support Kinect voice commands

FIFA 13 and Madden 13 to support Kinect voice commands During the conference today Micrsoft announces the Kinect integration in EA’s upcoming sports titles like Fifa 13 and Madden 13. With the Kinect support in Fifa 13 and Madden 13 gamers will be able to change training of players, change formations, conducting tactical practices and other team management functions etc, all with voice commands. We will have more details about it today at conference of Electronic...

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eMail authentication standard emerges

eMail authentication standard emerges Yahoo and Cisco Systems will submit their email authentication specification, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to be considered as an industry standard. Discussions will begin at the IETF meeting in Paris between July 31 and August 5, Yahoo and Cisco officials said. DKIM combines Yahoo’s DomainKeys and Cisco’s Internet Identified Mail, two email authentication technologies developed separately, which the companies announced in June they would combine with the intention of licensing the resulting specification royalty-free throughout the industry. Spoiler for spoofers DKIM is designed to give email providers a...

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Spencer & Geoff Teases "Very Cool Surprise Game Announcement" Just Before GamesCom Conference, for PS4/Xbox One?

Spencer & Geoff Teases “Very Cool Surprise Game Announcement” Just Before GamesCom Conference, for PS4/Xbox One? A lot will happen today at GamesCom 2014 as Microsoft and Sony media briefing is scheduled to take place at 2pm CET/1pm UK and 7pm CET/6pm UK respectively. Are there are surprises coming from any of the firm? According to our friend Geoff Keighley, Videogame journalist and host of Spike TV’s GTTV, YES. Geoff has teased a very cool surprise game announcement later today, however no details were shared whether its coming from Sony or Microsoft. He tweeted: Day 2 in Cologne. Xbox...

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Apple’s US iPad sales equivalent to 1 in 9 of population

Apple’s US iPad sales equivalent to 1 in 9 of population Just how much does Apple dominate competitors in the US tablet market? The question has always been one left to estimates by analysts, but documents recently filed as part of the court battle between the company and Samsung provide actual sales numbers for the two companies, and offer a startling look at how strong Apple’s sales are in its home market versus the South Korean competitor. Since launch, the iPad has sold 34 million units in the US – that’s roughly one for every nine people in the country...

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Cops nail iPod car-scam masterminds

Cops nail iPod car-scam masterminds iPods haven’t just become the target of thieves, they have become the latest assistant to the criminal mastermind. Police caught a gang of thieves that tricked car showrooms out of £500,000 after forged documents were found stored on an iPod, a court heard. The gang had allegedly been hijacking identities to obtain Jaguars, Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches from car showrooms before selling them. Tunde Benson, 26, of Plumpstead, south-east London, denies conspiracy to defraud at Southwark Crown court, reports the BBC. The jury was told that seven others had already admitted involvement in the...

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