UPDATED: Skyforge’s Pantheon Wars Are Huge Global PvE/PvP Battles 

The Skyforge team has pushed out a bunch of new info about its high-end content, Pantheon Wars, the game’s equivalent of guild vs. guild content that’s sure to get people’s competitive blood flowing. And also their enemies’ blood. From, you know, the multiple stab wounds they inflict.

Pantheons (guilds) will fight for control of Celestial Temples in a mix of PvE and PvP content, with 50 players participating in each type. The 50 PvE players will split into five groups of 10 to take on raids as either attackers or defenders of a temple, while the 50 PvP players will be split into three teams, to participate in 15v15 capture and hold, 10v10 capture the flag, or 25v25 king of the hill matches. Rewards are extensive and unique, ranging from vehicles, costumes, and bonuses to the Ascension Atlas, and they’ll be changed with every new season.

Here’s the catch: As you can tell by the numbers in the last paragraph, only large pantheons will be able to participate in Pantheon Wars; a pantheon will need at least 100 players who have unlocked their god forms. I’m not totally sure if you need all 100 players at once, though one of the devs says “All events take place in parallel” — and you thought assembling for 40-person raids was a nightmare! Even if that’s not the case, it’ll still require a remarkable bit of coordination and planning, the kind of which can be quickly undone by a few no-shows or unprepared players, which you’re bound to get in any group of 100.

Pantheon Wars sound really cool, but they’re also probably only going to be contested by a few huge guilds with ultra-dedicated players. That’s a perfectly legitimate approach to take — best loot to the best players and all that — but as another game found out, catering too heavily to that demographic is a dangerous path to take. While Pantheon Wars do offer unique rewards, we’ll learn more about other high-end content, such as raids and invasions, at a later date. Here’s hoping that they provide similarly useful loot.

UPDATE: I got a little bit of clarification from the Skyforge Twitter:

I’m still not quite sure I totally grasp what’s needed, but hey, I’m just a lowly peon and not a god!