Day: September 5, 2015

Apple approaches Space, the final frontier

Apple approaches Space, the final frontier An Earth observation Satellite due to be launched from Australia in 2008 will use Apple’s “mission-critical” supercomputer technology. Sydney-based AstroVision will establish the first live, continuous, high-resolution and true-colour motion imagery and data of the Earth from a geostationary imaging satellite, writes Terra Daily. AstroVision MD Michael Hewins commented: “Apple was our first choice for this project given its advanced capabilities in the design and development of mission-critical supercomputers. Also, the industry-leading QuickTime platform for the creation, distribution and playback of digital multimedia will enable us to quickly provide customers with stunning real...

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First look: iTunes 10

First look: iTunes 10 It’s become a tradition in recent years: to coincide with Apple’s September music event, where new iPods and related hardware are presented, iTunes increases its version number by a notch. This year’s vintage features one major new feature, a handful of interface changes, and some minor tweaks. Here’s an overview of what’s new and different in iTunes 10. Ping me if you like music The flagship feature in iTunes 10 is Ping, Apple’s new “music-oriented social network,” which lets you follow friends and artists, and share your musical tastes. Naturally, this is tightly linked with...

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PlayStation Vita celebrates third birthday with digital sale tomorrow

PlayStation Vita celebrates third birthday with digital sale tomorrow Sunday marked the PlayStation Vita’s third birthday and Sony is ready to celebrate with a slew of deals set to hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesday. The full list of deals can be found below: Angry Birds: Star Wars – $14.80 ($9.60 for PS Plus) Atelier Meruru Plus – $23.99 ($15.99 for PS Plus) Atelier Rorona Plus – $23.99 ($15.99 for PS Plus) Atelier Totori Plus – $23.99 ($15.99 for PS Plus) Ben 10 Galactic Racing – $5.00 ($3.00 for PS Plus) Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – $15.00...

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