Civilization VI gets a square deal as Theodore Roosevelt leads the United States

From Minutemen to Rough Riders

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With a new Civilization comes the opportunity to change things up. Firaxis is free to add and remove civs, change leaders, and even play around with victory conditions. Today sees the first of many announcements for changes in Civilization VI, and Firaxis is starting out small. When you think of iconic leaders throughout the brief history of the United States, chances are you probably think of George Washington or maybe Abraham Lincoln. There are no shortage of presidents for Firaxis to select, so they’ve opted to bring Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt in as the young nation’s representative in Civilization VI.

President Theodore Roosevelt, not to be confused with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is the 26th president of the United States and took office in 1901. In Civilization VI, he brings with him two unique units in the P-51 Mustang and Rough Riders. Don’t let the Mustang name confuse you, as the P-51 is an aircraft not a car. It was designed during World War II as a long range, high altitude fighter that could hold its own against German and Japanese aircraft. The Rough Riders will likely take the place of Washington’s Minutemen as the southwestern volunteers aren’t bound by the typical rules of engagement. Whether they’ll abide by the combat rules set by Firaxis remains to be seen.

Firaxis is ready to celebrate 25 years of Civilization when VI launches this October. The iconic strategy title has itself a new art style for players that like to zoom out, although it also looks nice when zoomed in. Civilization VI promises new multiplayer modes as well as the ability to group units together so you can move your settler and warrior units as one instead of having one follow the other. The Age of Exploration begins October 21 on PC. Are you ready to take one more turn at leading your civ to glory?