Day: August 13, 2015

WorldCom books-blunders hit $7.6bn

WorldCom books-blunders hit $7.6bn WorldCom has disclosed an additional $3.8 billion in accounting errors, in addition to the $3.85 billion errors announced last month. WorldCom last month filed for bankruptcy protection, citing $3.85 billion in improperly booked expenses in its results in 2001 and 2002. Criminal charges have been made against the company’s former chief financial officer and chief corporate controller. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed suit against WorldCom. The pressure’s been felt across US boardrooms. Apple CEO Steve Jobs last month said the affair made him “for the first time embarrassed to call myself...

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Naughty Dog Developing a Thumb Wrestling Game | Thumbderdome Wrestling

Naughty Dog Developing a Thumb Wrestling Game | Thumbderdome Wrestling One, two, three, four. I declare a thumb war in the Thumbderdome! Naughty Dog struck gold in the early days of the PlayStation with Crash Bandicoot. When companies strike gold, they usually get the freedom to do really whatever they want to. Even developers that are working on the big name games want to slow down and just create something fun and original. Naughty Dog’s Douglas Holder is doing just that with ThumbderDome Wrestling, a game based on thumb-wrestling!  The image above is one of the first things I...

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iPhoto update addresses iLife 05 issues

iPhoto update addresses iLife 05 issues Apple has issued an update to the new version of iPhoto that comes with iLife 05, just days after the application shipped in Europe. The update – version 5.0.1 – addresses issues with upgrading iPhoto 4 libraries, dragging albums into folders, and importing MPEG 4 movies. Apple says there are a number of other more minor fixes. Announced during Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo keynote speech on January 11, iPhoto 5 is part of Apple’s £49 iLife 05 suite. It introduces more advanced editing tools so that images can be edited inside...

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Macromedia launches Exchange for Flash

Macromedia launches Exchange for Flash Macromedia has launched Macromedia Exchange for Flash, a Web site devoted to Flash developers. On the Exchange, developers can share Macromedia Flash 5 extensions such as Smart Clips, ActionScript samples, Generator templates and source files. Macromedia hopes that the 500,000 strong community of Flash developers will use the site to share and pool knowledge and resources. Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products, said: “The Macromedia Exchange for Flash adds the ability to easily share technology across the entire community, making content development more efficient and making it easier to create the best user experiences.”...

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Canon delivers record results in 2005

Canon delivers record results in 2005 Strong demand for digital cameras, printers and faxes helped Canon achieve record sales and profits in 2005, the company said Monday. Net sales for the year were up 8.3 per cent at ¥3.8 trillion ($31.9 billion as of December 31, the last day of the period being reported) and net income increased 11.9 per cent to ¥384.1 billion. Snap-happy The company’s camera business saw sales rise 15.2 per cent on the back of strong demand for digital SLR (single lens reflex) and compact cameras, said Richard Berger, a spokesman for the company. Its...

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