Day: April 16, 2015

Learn Gaelic (Irish) With Montague's Mount | Montague's Mount

Learn Gaelic (Irish) With Montague’s Mount | Montague’s Mount 0   Dark and atmospheric break-out indie adventure game is also an accidental language tool. Highly anticipated indie adventure game, Montague’s Mount, was released yesterday on Steam. A reworking of the original non-commercial game by Polypusher – a one man production company that consists of sole developer Matt Clifton – it now boasts new story elements and an improved UI. But when we talk about “localisation”, we usually talk about making a game appropriate for specific international audiences. In some ways, Montague’s Mount does the reversal of that, by not shirking from it’s Irish setting,...

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What to listen for during Apple’s earnings call today

What to listen for during Apple’s earnings call today Apple later today will reveal its second-quarter revenue and device sales during a conference call with Wall Street, but there are more important things to listen for than the numbers, industry analysts argued today. “I expect them to talk more about the IBM deal,” said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research and head of U.S. business for Kantar WorldPanel Comtech, referring to the partnership Apple and IBM announced a week ago. “In the previous quarters, Apple has talked about the inroads of the iPhone and the iPad in the enterprise. But...

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Facebook will serve ads on other sites

Facebook will serve ads on other sites Facebook’s head of privacy policy, Erin Egan, hinted in a Web chat on Monday that Facebook would begin serving targeted ads to users on third-party websites. The company proposed changes to its privacy policy last Friday that included augmenting a previously fleeting reference to serving ads on “other websites.” The proposal spurred conjecture about potential plans for Facebook to use what it knows about users’ tastes to deliver ads not just on Facebook but across the Web. During Monday’s Web chat, which was intended to answer users’ questions about the proposed changes,...

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New video of iPad mini mockup emerges from Japan

New video of iPad mini mockup emerges from Japan A new video of a mockup of Apple’s rumoured iPad mini has emerged, showing a smaller tablet with Apple’s Lightning connector, a rear microphone, and a thinner profile. The video was first posted by Japanese blog Macotakara, (Google Translate) and shows an iPad with a 7.85in display. The headphone jack remains on the top of the device though, unlike Apple’s new iPhone, which has a relocated jack on the bottom of the handset. Macotakara says that it purchased the iPad mini from Live Shop, which was selling the mockups for...

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