Day: April 14, 2015

Apple updates 1G iPod shuffle software

Apple updates 1G iPod shuffle software Apple has released new software for the iPod shuffle. Two versions of the software, called ‘iPod shuffle Reset Utility 1.0.1″ are available, one for Mac, the other for Windows systems. The software restores first-generation iPod shuffles to factory condition. The process completely erases all music and data on an iPod shuffle and reinstalls software version 1.1.5. The software exists to help shuffle owners cope with a range of different faults that can appear in the music player, including one where pressing the Play button will cause amber and green LEDs to flash for...

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PowerPC speed ‘will soar’

PowerPC speed ‘will soar’ Apple may soon steal a march in the megahertz wars, following an announcement from IBM. IBM has revealed that its PowerPC Blade – based on the PowerPC 970 processor – will offer speeds between 1.8GHz to 2.5GHz. Previous announcements had the PowerPC 970 running at 1.8GHz maximum speed. IBM’s eServer BladeCenter is an open source server product designed for computing-intensive applications, such as meteorology, geology or other scientific number-crunching tasks. The PowerPC 970 processor is widely expected to be used in future Macs. A light version of IBM’s Power4 chip (as used in high-end server...

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