Destiny Servers Down On All Platforms, DDoS Attack, Hacker Group Lizard Squad Takes Responsibility

Destiny gamers are experiencing nasty connection issue on all platforms, and the cause of the issue is “DDOS” attack on Destiny servers by notorious hacker group LizardSquad. The servers were attacked a few hours ago, and players are finding it really difficult to log in and enjoy the multiplayer sessions.


Via Twitter, LizardSquad took the responsibility of the attack and stated: “Destiny #offline #LizardSquad”

In addition to this, LizardSquad also took the responsibility of GTA V and 2K Sports servers outage (which happened couple of days ago)

No update has been received from Bungie but users on Reddit have confirmed the downtime they are facing with Destiny servers. We just hope Bungie fixes the issue as soon as possible so that gamers weekend’s don’t get spoilt.