Xbox Live Down On Xbox One/X360 After Microsoft’s E3 2015 Press Conference, Purchase/Content Usage Limited

Xbox Live is currently down on Xbox One and Xbox 360. This suddent Xbox Live downtime is worldwide issue and surprisingly took place immediately after the end of Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 2015 Press Conference. As per the details shared by Xbox Support, Xbox One and Xbox 360 players are currently experiencing issue with Purchasing and Content Usage on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live Down On Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox Support states: “Are you having issues using any of the content you’ve purchased on Xbox Live? Our team is already investigating this issue and we hope to have everything back to normal ASAP! Thanks for your patience while we work. We’ll update you again when we have more information.”

Xbox fans please be patience, Xbox Live will be up soon, Microsoft are working on to fix it as soon as possible for you.