Day: April 7, 2015

Apple iPod market ‘growing’ – analysts

Apple iPod market ‘growing’ – analysts Piper Jaffray believes Apple is gaining, not losing, iPod market share. Citing its own recent survey of teenagers the company said its results showed Apple’s market share continuing to climb, rather than level or decline. Analyst Gene Munster called the teen market a “critical one”, adding: “Apple appears to be winning mindshare at an early age, which we expect will pay off as students become more significant consumers over the next decade.” Munster has a $60 target price on Apple’s...

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Jobs tops Agenda Setters poll

Jobs tops Agenda Setters poll Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the second most influential individual in technology, according to the panel in the Silicon Agenda Setters poll. But according to readers he should have topped the poll. Jobs was piped to the post by the lesser-known BBC director of new media and technology Ashley Highfield. Highfield figured at position 10 in the reader poll. The popular Apple CEO received 39.8 per cent of the reader vote. In second position was Linux’s Linus Torvalds with 38.2 per cent. Torvalds was in seventh place in the panel vote. The two managed...

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