Month: January 2015

Project Cars PS4/Xbox One Graphics Setting Detailed

Project Cars PS4/Xbox One Graphics Setting Detailed Project Cars Dev Slightly Mad Studios took care of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers in a special way. The firm offered Xbox One and PS4 owners numerous Graphics Setting/Options for Project Cars. With the help of these options gamers can customize how Project Cars will look on their PS4 and Xbox One. Why this is special? This is rarity with console games but Slightly Mad Studios has given PS4/Xbox One gamers the choice as to what graphics setting can be used in Project Cars. Here’s a full detail on Project Cars...

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U.S. high-tech industry feeling the heat from Edward Snowden leaks

U.S. high-tech industry feeling the heat from Edward Snowden leaks The disclosures about the National Security Agency’s massive global surveillance by Edward Snowden, the former information-technology contractor who’s now wanted by the U.S. government for treason, is hitting the U.S. high-tech industry hard as it tries to explain its involvement in the NSA data-collection program. [IPHONEYS:The iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S edition] Just yesterday, a gaggle of 22 large U.S. high-tech firms — including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo which have acknowledged they participate in NSA data-gathering efforts in some form, if not exactly as Snowden and some...

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Apple’s notebooks get Merom upgrade?

Apple’s notebooks get Merom upgrade? Apple is rumoured to be planinng to introduce revised notebooks as soon as September, a report claims. According to DigiTimes, “sources” at notebook and component manufacturers claim Apple will launch notebooks that use Intel’s new 64-bit “Merom” chip (a Core 2 Duo T7600 processor) in September. At present, MacBooks and MacBook Pros use the Core Duo T2600 chip (called ‘Yonah’). The Merom chip features double the on-chip cache (4MB, not 2MB) of Yonah and runs at lower operating temperatures. They also last slightly longer on a single battery charge. The original report comes from...

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Skullgirls Fourth DLC Character Voting Begins Today | Skullgirls

Skullgirls Fourth DLC Character Voting Begins Today | Skullgirls Check your e-mail for the link to cast your vote! It’s that time again. Time to vote for who you want to see join the cast of Skullgirls. This time, however, the voting style has changed significantly. Voting has Changed Instead of voting for the top x amount of characters per round over a week, you rank the characters 1-30 over a 3 day period per round. This method of voting was decided on by a meta-vote. In the first round, you rank 30 characters. The second round, you rank...

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Manchester Mac auction

Manchester Mac auction An auction of Macs and Mac peripherals takes place in Manchester tomorrow, following the collapse of a local computer distributor before Christmas. The liquidator for the company’s assets, Robson Kay, has published a page detailing what is available – though accompanying notes state that in order to bid, buyers must have seen the equipment and must bid in person. Interested parties hoping to bid can view what is available between 12pm and 4.30 pm today and from 10am tomorrow. The auction begins at 11am tomorrow. An enormous quantity of items are being offered in this extensive...

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