PS4 vs Xbox One: Xbox France Celebrates PS4’s First Anniversary, Prepares Amazing “Little Gift”, says “Xbox Loves You”

Exactly a year have passed since the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 in Europe (PS4 launched in European Territory like France and other regions on November 29, 2013), and to celebrate this special occasion Xbox France has prepared a special gift and message for PlayStation France.

Xbox One vs PS4

Via Twitter, Xbox France congratulated PlayStation France for first anniversary of PlayStation 4 and stated (translated):

“Happy birthday PlayStationFR. We’ve prepared a little gift. #XboxLovesYou”.

Check out the snapshot of the so called Little Gift from Xbox France. Really a good sportsmanship from Microsoft and Xbox Team.

Xbox France Gift To PlayStation France

PlayStation 4 sales performance worldwide has been great, whereas Xbox One gained some much need momentum after $50 price drop (for limited time, till the end of Holiday Season 2015). According to report from VGChartz, PlayStation 4 has sold over 15 Million Units worldwide (as of November 22, 2014), whereas Xbox One has sold over 8 Million Units worldwide during this same time period.

It will be interesting to see whether PlayStation 4 can maintain this massive lead over Xbox One after the end of Holiday Season 2014. What you guys think, tell us in the comment section below.