PlayStation Flash Sale For October 16-19 Accidentally Leaked, Called As “Survival Deals”

A new PlayStation Flash Sale is scheduled to go live on Friday (tomorrow), but it seems like some at Sony has accidentally leaked the details of the sales earlier than intended. As discovered by the user of Reddit, the upcoming Flash Sale is titled as “Survivor Deals” and will start on October 16 and run till October 19.

PSN Flash Sale For October 16

Reddit user who discovered the listing on PlayStation Store says: It’s called “Survival Deals”. Can’t access the games on the deal but it appears on the indie tab of the games section. The deal ends at 10/19 at 11AM PT.

You can check out the screenshot confirming the detail. If you visit PlayStation Store right now, you will be able to see the listing of this new Flash Sale, however, it hasn’t gone live yet. Now going by the title of the sale, it seems like see some discount on recently released survival horror games: The Evil Within, Resident Evil and many other.

PSN Flash Sale October 19