Respawn Indirectly Confirms Titanfall 2 for PS4? says “PS4 is Something We’re Looking At In Future”

Whether or not Titanfall 2, or whatever the next installment in Titanfall franchise will be called, will arrive on Playstation 4? Is a long pending rumor that only Respawn Entertainment can confirm or deny. Today, in an interview to CVG, Respawn Entertainment’s Dusty Welch hinted positive things for Playstation community.


Dusty Welch was asked whether Playstation 4 as a platform matters to Respawn Entertainment? As expected the response that came from Dusty was positive:

“Well, we love the platform and we love playing on it. As we go forward, we will of course consider all of the platforms that make sense for our games. So there’s nothing in the short term, but certainly PS4 is something we’re looking at in the future,”

You can take this as an indirect confirmation of “Titanfall 2 coming to Playstation 4 as well or Titanfall series going multiplatform”

In addition to this, Dusty also praised Microsoft for providing the customers “Xbox One Kinectless Bundle”, although he was the termed “Price-Drop” for it.

“I love that Microsoft has adjusted its price value mix for the Xbox One, I think it will really help the system grow. Sony is off to an amazing start too with the PS4, and part of the reason is that the system has become so developer friendly when compared to the last generation,”

Respawn Entertainment is currently busy with developing some additional content for Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Tell us in the comment section below, how many of you want to see Titanfall series go multiplatform with its next installment?