ChessFace: Warface Released, Still has a silly name 

Hey Warface is out now. If that announcement seemed to lack a bit of enthusiasm, it may be because Warface showed its hand way too early. Burnout over new IP modern military arcade shooters has certainly been on the rise recently, but Crytek seemed gung ho on producing another anyways.

New Free-to-Play shooters from well respected AAA developers are always welcomed, but Warface came out of the gate lukewarm, and pretty much stayed there during its entire beta period. Queue the predictable release trailer.

Ok, so the FPS has class based combat, customizable loadouts, utilizes the Cryengine 3, and even has sliding takedowns with shovels. It’s just a shame many of those class features are useless outside of the gimmicky PvE and the others we’ve come to expect from any shooter these days, even shovels! Players interested in facing off in Warface can do so by signing up for the game through Cryteks proprietary social gaming service GFace.