Day: August 23, 2014

Yahoo buys TV content indexing, recommendation company

Yahoo buys TV content indexing, recommendation company Yahoo has acquired a Palo Alto, California, startup called IntoNow whose technology is designed to help television viewers discover programs and discuss them interactively with their friends. IntoNow’s application, launched in January of this year and available currently for the iPhone, detects the sound of TV programs coming from TV sets or computers and attempts to identify the program and specific episode that’s playing. IntoNow has indexed more than five years of U.S. television programs in its database. If it identifies a match, it lets users share the name of the TV...

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QT fix for IE Windows beta

QT fix for IE Windows beta Apple released its QuickTime ActiveX control for Internet Explorer yesterday. This fixes a flaw in the latest Windows beta versions of Internet Explorer that stopped QuickTime working correctly. The control works with QuickTime 3, 4, 4.1 and 5, so users don’t have to upgrade their version of QuickTime in order to use the control. The news was reported in a message to the QuickTime Developer mailing list. The fix also means that Internet Explorer 5.5SP and 6.0 will display QuickTime content in the browser. The development was required because both Internet Explorer for...

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