MOH disc a must to play Battlefield 3 beta early (Update: DICE apologize for confusion)

The following article could be unpleasant news for some Battlefield 3 fans. It has been officially confirmed that fans will need Medal of Honor disc if they wish to have an early access to Battlefield 3 beta.

Battlefield 3

The news was confirmed in a recent tweet from Battlefield 3. You can can check out the complete conversation below:


@Battlefield, I bought MOH: LE for the 360. How exactly will I access the Battlefield 3 Beta early? Will I need the MOH disc?


@CodyReed, Yes you will need the disc, you will have to play it off of there ^CT

Earlier today it was also confirmed by DICE that PC version of Battlefield 3 beta is ready, Whereas the console version is currently in testing phase at Microsoft and Sony, more details of it HERE.


DICE has just issued a new statement on Twitter, and confirmed that MOH disc will NOT be needed for BF3 closed beta. The developer has apologize to fans for confusion. Check out complete details HERE.