Day: August 1, 2014

Apple ‘to use new IBM chip’

Apple ‘to use new IBM chip’ Apple will adopt IBM’s powerful new PowerPC processor, a report claims. IBM’s much-discussed PowerPC 970 processor will be previewed by the company later today at the Microprocessor Forum. A Reuters report cites an “industry source” as claiming that Apple is set to use the chip in future Macs. The revelation follows speculation from industry watchers that Apple would turn to IBM as it strives to close the megahertz gap between itself and its PC competitors. The new chip goes into production late next year, and can process 64 bits of data at a...

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FIFA 15 Xbox One bundle coming to Europe

FIFA 15 Xbox One bundle coming to Europe In just a few short weeks, players will be able to “kick it” once more with EA Sports’ FIFA 15, and Microsoft is more than ready to satisfy them with some exclusive content. During today’s Gamescom press conference, Microsoft confirmed that EA Sports will provide a number of exclusive playable Legends, as part of the game’s Ultimate Team mode. A number of players will be accessible in this mode, including Manchester United’s Peter Schemichel, who joined the team on-stage to talk his favorite soccer players, as well as other stars like Roberto Carlos, Roy Keane, Sir Bobby Moore and Alan Shearer. In addition, an exclusive FIFA 15 bundle is available for pre-order in Europe, starting today. The bundle will go for 349.99 in pounds, and feature a Kinect-less Xbox 360 console and a digital copy of FIFA 15. There’s no word yet if the bundle will sell outside of Europe, but there’s a good possibility. FIFA 15 will drop on September 23rd for Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation...

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