This War of Mine 1.3 update adds custom Scenario Editor

Players have struggled to survive 11 Bit Studios’ This War of Mine, wrestling with some of the most brutal choices that one can make in a war-torn country. While the indie studio’s own tale has been a captivating and challenging one, they’re now looking to see what the gaming audience can create. So with the new 1.3 update comes a new Scenario Editor.

The Scenario Editor allows users to write their own stories of civilians trapped in a war-torn environment. They can edit group sizes, the length of the conflict, the weather, the environment, and more. This addition will be accompanied by a Character Editor, which will allow users to craft their own civilians, from their look (complete with photo upload feature) to their biography.

The main game will also get a few updates, with Old Town and Looted Gas Station locations being added to the mix. Speaking of mixes, two new music tracks have also been added for night missions.

This War of Mine is available now on Steam. For more on the latest update, check out the video below.